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Good News - Blaga vest - Frohe Botschaft - Part-9

Please don't miss below and in previous posts Vladimir D. Janković's wonderful suggestions and brilliant commentary:

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Orange—please help me with your thoughts and ideas in the comment section
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Bluethese are omissions in the English translation
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Greenchanges supported by authoritative sources, i.e. Bible
[italics]discarded English translations

It must have been that the Israelites, spoiled by God's benevolence [favors], didn't think much of [hold greatly to] mere [empty] promises, and that they, whilst battling [fighting in the meantime] with [their] infidel neighbors [, the unbelievers], demanded something reliable [more definite], some physical [bodily], irrefutable [irrevocable] sign of heavenly care [favor].

Mora biti da Izrailjci, razmaženi božjim milodarima, nisu mnogo držali do pukih obećanja, i da su, mlateći se u međuvremenu s neverničkim susedima, zahtevali nešto pouzdano, neki telesno neopozivi znak nebeske brige.

Es ist möglich das die Israeliten, von Gottes Wohlwollen verwöhnt, nicht viel von bloßen Versprechungen hielten, und dass sie, während den Prügeleien mit Ungläubigen Nachbarn, etwas zuverlässiges, ein physisches, unwiderlegbares Zeichen der himmlischen Fürsorge verlangten.

Vladimir D. Janković:

Benevolence may be the best solution. There are other options: charity, or almsgiving. Those two words are closer to the original if we opt for a rigid approach. But milodar is not the same as milostinja; it is more a gift than something we give to a beggar. So, benevolence isn’t bad at all. Although, this almsgiving might be tempting, too…

… and that they, wilst… Yes, I think there should be this that they, by all means. Otherwise there’d be a confusion, I guess.

Battling is better than fighting in the meantime, and the other alternative solutions are plausible, as well (reliable, physical, irrefutable).

… sign of heavenly care. – Maybe it could be heavenly concern? Or, better, heavenly attention? Even heavenly care itself isn’t bad. I’d say we shouldn’t change it.

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