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Miracle at Cana - Čudo u Kani - Wunder zu Kana - Part-5

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we welcome our first contributor, Vladimir D. Janković, who has translated 65 novels and 110 other publications from French and English into Serbian, amongst which are three Booker Prize winners: Hilary Mantel's novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies as well as Anne Enright’s The Gathering. His translations have reached the readership throughout the Balkans thanks to the editions of prestigious Serbian publishers: Laguna, Dereta, Evro-Giunti, Booka, Narodna knjiga, Mladinska knjiga Beograd, Čarobna knjiga, Beobook… Please don't miss below and in previous posts his wonderful suggestions and brilliant commentary:

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What are you to me, dearest [dear] brothers in Christ, when [if] I can no longer enjoy your devotion, even though it still calls to me in someone's loyal heart, which doesn't dare beat freely... [or: ...even though it's still present in someone's loyal heart that yearns for me and dare not beat freely] [even though it may still call to me in some loyal heart], because it doesn't have me (I'm not there) to drive those heartbeats forever and ever in the days to come [when I'm no longer there to record it]; [when] I'm no longer there as a sacred [consecrated] bell, [to ring out] thunderously and boomingly boosting/strengthening the feeble tappings [uncertain beatings] of your wavering hearts at the gate of true life; no longer is the One who could have halted [No one knows how to halt] nature, saying: That's enough, stop now [Now that's enough, stop], get back within your inhuman [monstrous] limitations, into your soulless nothingness.

Šta je meni do vas, premila braćo u Hristu, kada više ne mogu da uživam vašu privrženost, čak i da me ona priziva u nečijem još uvek odanom srcu, koje ne sme slobodno da kuca, jer nema mene da te otkucaje vo vjeki vjekova zakucam u dane što idu, nema mene da kao posvećeno zvono gromko, ispolinski otkucam nejako kuckanje vaših kolebljivih srdaca o vrata istinskog života, nema jedinog koji je umeo da ustavi prirodu, govoreći: sad je dosta, sad stani, natrag u svoju neljudsku ograničenost, u svoju bezdušnu ništavost.

Aber was soll ich mit euch, liebste Christen Brüder, da ich eure Hingabe nicht mehr genießen kann, auch wenn sich doch noch ein treues Herz nach mir sehnt, das nicht wagt frei zu schlagen, weil es mich nicht hat die Herzschläge für immer und ewig in den kommenden Tagen einzutragen;

Vladimir D. Janković:

I think dearest is all right. Or, possibly, my dearest?
* * * 
Maybe when is even better than since or if?
* * * 
Because there is no me to hammer those heartbeats for ever and ever in the days to come.
* * * 
I’m no longer there as a consecrated bell, to strike uproariously and humongously that faint beating of your wavering hearts...

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