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Good News - Blaga vest - Frohe Botschaft - Part-11

Please don't miss below and in previous posts Vladimir D. Janković's wonderful suggestions and brilliant commentary:

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Orange—please help me with your thoughts and ideas in the comment section
RedI need even more help ;)
Bluethese are omissions in the English translation
Light Greenreviewed changes implemented :))
Greenchanges supported by authoritative sources, i.e. Bible
[italics]discarded English translations

And Israel sacrificed fat sacrifices, burned precious offerings, prayed the prescribed [appointed] prayers, all in expectation of that inimitable [incomparable] savior whom John the Baptist in Aenon near to Salim foretold, saying: “Prepare [ye] the way of the Lord [;] and make his paths straight!”
And behold, the Scripture was fulfilled.
He came during the reign of Octavian Augustus.
This is the [true] tale [story] about him, his teaching and his disciples, his miracles and his suffering [passion]. This is the [true] tale of how his new kingdom above all kingdoms was born. And it was evening and it was morning. And it was Joshua ben Joseph, Jesus the Nazarene, Savior of the world.
Who knows on which day, every day.

A Izrailj je gojne žrtve žrtvovao, skupocene paljenice palio, propisane molitve molio, sve u očekivanju tog neuporedivog izbavitelja, koga je Jovan Krstitelj u Enonu blizu Salima najavljivao govoreći: „Pripravite put Gospodu i poravnajte staze njegove!“
I gle, Pismo se zbi. Za vlade cezara Oktavijana Avgusta, On dođe.
Ovo je pripovest o Njemu, Njegovom učenju i učenicima, Njegovim čudima i Njegovom stradanju. Ovo je pripovest o tome kako se rađalo Njegovo Novo carstvo nad carstvima.
I bi veče, i bi jutro. I bi Jošua ben Josif, Isus Nazarećanin, Spasitelj sveta.
Dan ko zna koji, dan svaki.

Und Israel opferte fette/feiste Opfer, verbrannte wertvolle Gaben, betete vorgeschriebene Gebete, alles in Erwartung dieses unvergleichlichen Erlösers, den Johannes der Täufer in Enon, nahe bei Salim, mit den Worten ankündigt: „Bereitet den Weg des Herrn und ebnet seine Pfade!“
Und siehe da, die Schrift war erfüllt. Er kam während der Herrschaft des Octavian Augustus.
Dies ist die Geschichte über ihn, seine Lehre und seine Jünger, seine Wunder und seine Leiden. Dies ist die Geschichte, wie sein neues Reich über alle Königreiche geboren wurde. Und es wurde Abend und wurde Morgen. Und es war Joshua ben Joseph, Jesus der Nazarener, der Retter der Welt.
Wer weiß, an welchem ​​Tag, jeden Tag.

Vladimir D. Janković:

The word „pripovest“ Pekić uses twice. With no adjective. Our distinguished translator made a reasonable variation – tale/story. What's more, he added the adjective „true“, hoping that the whole would seem more assertive, more adamant. I suggest that we should leave it with no adjective, just like Pekić did it, and use the same word twice. The word should be tale. There is, though, another possibly intriguing option: narrative. But narrative is too modern, too Latin, too written. So, the tale would be fine.

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