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Miracle at Cana - Čudo u Kani - Wunder zu Kana - Part-3

Please don't miss below and in previous posts Vladimir D. Janković's wonderful suggestions and brilliant commentary:

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But what are you to Peter when faith is nothing to you [you have no faith]; when you're only waiting for my third death rattle to be announced Urbi et Orbi before pouncing [falling] like a scourge [pestilence] upon the Lord's heritage, dividing what has been shared though indivisible, ripping apart what has been given to remain whole, squandering what has been offered to be cherished [dividing what is written to be as indivisible, violating what was given as inviolable, destroying what was offered as indestructible].

Ali šta je Petru do vas kad vama nije do vere; kada jedva čekate da se, pošto Urbi et Orbi bude oglašen moj treći ropac, kao pošast strovalite na nasleđe Gospodnje, deleći ono što je izdeljano nedeljivo, rastržući ono što je darovano neraskidivo, rasturajući ono što je pruženo nerasturivo.

Aber was soll Peter mit euch wenn der Glaube euch nichts ist/angeht; wenn ihr nur auf die Urbi et Orbi Verkündung meines dritten Todesröcheln warted bevor ihr wie eine Plage über Gottes Erbe herfällt; zu zerteilen was als unteilbar beschert wurde, zu zerreissen was als unzertrennlich vermacht wurde, zu zerstören was als unzerstörbar gegeben wurde. 

Vladimir D. Janković:

I think there is no reason to change that but. Or it should, maybe, be however?
* * * 
 The option with a scourge that is pouncing upon is very good, I think. Just an idea: maybe this scourge should be changed to a plague. And then this plague wouldn't be pouncing upon, but rather plunging upon, or maybe striking upon.

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